Coach JV

Top Crypto, Health & Mindset Coach


Coach JV woke up from an attempted suicide on December 18th, 2006, to a book called “The Secret.” From that day forth, the next 15 years of his life would never be the same. 

After his attempted suicide, JV pursued a bachelor’s degree and graduated from CBA executive banking school which soon scaled himself up to vice president at a large bank. After years of dedication to the corporation, he went through a great spiritual awaking and started to see the system for what it was. He decided to leave the high-paid VP job to create a million-dollar FREEDOM company called 3T Warrior Academy; helping thousands worldwide learn how to journey to freedom in health, in wealth, and in mindset.


Being the top crypto and mindset coach in the world, currently, he helps business owners and people break free from the JOB just over broke mindset by creating breakthrough performance in building wealth-generating assets. JV is also an author of two books, owner and creator of a top motivational podcast called Coach JV Podcast, social media influencer of over 800k combined subscribers and a featured leader in Yahoo Finance “Meet The Business Leaders Who Are Driving Positive Change In Their Industries.”

Today, JV remains dedicated to his family, children, entrepreneurship and following his number one mission in this world: creating a positive impact on someone’s life every single day.

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Kevin Anytime

Director & Chief Media Officer


Kevin is an owner of 4 companies currently, 3T Warrior Academy, 3T Warrior labs, Uncommon 1% and Anytime Studios. Kevin's main role is to bring about a unified vision for the mission and purpose of companies and to lead others toward its ultimate actualization.


For over 25 years Kevin has been analyzing the mind and memory and its capacity for brilliance. He likes to call himself "A scientist of his own life" and "A creative artist of life." Spiritually, he believes in Jehovah God and believes he is divinely directed by him.


He has created a TV show titled "The Uncanny Chronicles" Starring himself and season 1 is available now. The show is part Sci-Fi, part reality. It showcases his actual daily adventures with a mysterious Sci-Fi twist. He is the author of "The Magnificent You" which is a hyper focused success journal available now.


Father of 1 son and 1 daughter and in his spare time loves to play basketball, edit pictures, play video games, watch cool movies, and make vlogs.

Josh ""Crom"" Tyrrell

Artistic Media Designer



Josh “Crom” is a twenty-two-year-old professional graphic designer and an avid photographer from Canada.  Josh started his journey back in design when he was about fifteen years old when he received his first computer and loaded one of the early versions of Photoshop on it. Josh attended Mohawk College for a degree in Graphic Design back in 2019, but dropped out as he didn’t believe it was for him.  


With a background in visual arts and experience in the industry of design, he has worked with some of the top organizations and influencers like TheBearableBull. 


Josh has freelanced, and is now working as the Artistic Media Designer for 3T Warrior Academy, 3T Warriorlabs, and Uncommon 1%. Today he is focused on growing his skills and talents, aligning himself with his goals and passions, and trying to prove to people that you can do anything you set your mind to with a little bit of action, consistency, and self-discipline. 


Dustin MALossini

Artistic Media Director

WArriors RISE!!

I specialize in creation as part of the media team at 3T Warrior Academy. My daily tasks range from video editing, graphic design, looking cool, and some light construction work. I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Animation from the University of UMASS Amherst. I grew up in a small town located in Western Massachusetts (Pittsfield). My hobbies consist of video games, magic card, most things nerdy, and spending time with family & friends. 


Dustin Malossini 

Selman GEE

technical Analysis

GEE Investing

Selman is a senior at RWTH Aachen University majoring in Business Administration and Economics. He is currently writing his thesis on cryptocurrencies and is a technical analyst on our team. Gee has made a big contribution to creating a better user experience in the field of crypto in the academy. He recently started being more active on social media and created his own YouTube channel to help raise awareness for a healthier wealth-building strategy. 


Mae Warner

Head of Customer Experience

Hi Warriors!  

My name is Mae and I manage customer service experience, communications, and organization for 3T Warrior Academy and Uncommon 1%. Previously I spent 15 years in cardiovascular ultrasound as a dual registered ultrasound sonographer. My college experience is from Southeast Technical Institute and The University of Iowa. I have prior involvement as technical director of an ultrasound lab, leader, and creator of ultrasound programs by training, building protocols and providing educational material for hospital and clinical facilities. Currently, I AM a single mother of three beautiful children Keyen, Baylee and Huxley residing in South Dakota.

I AM focusing my life path and PURPOSE towards my children, 3T Warrior Academy, Human Design and Cryptocurrency. I AM dedicated to our company’s mission and feel passionate about the FREEDOM and EMPOWERMENT we help our community reestablish within themselves.  

With Love, Mae