The TOP Crypto Researcher in the world!

Johnny Krypto

All my life I have been seeking freedom from the Just Over Broke (JOB) system. I learned that working your way up the ranks of a Fortune 100 company still does not lead to freedom. I AM Entrepreneur at heart and started-up several companies, including Real Estate Investments, Software Development and Crypto Investment companies.

I joined the academy in Nov 2020 strictly for cryptocurrencies and the next thing you know, I’m working out 3 to 4 days per week, eating better and most importantly, have newfound friends and family for life. The people in this academy and the community around it is truly amazing!

I have been a crypto investor since 2020 and found a passion for this space. I spend a ton of time researching this technology and see huge opportunities to help others achieve real freedom in this space. As CEO of Pheonix Crypto Assets (PCA), my goal is to find a way to bring opportunities to the people enabling them to break the chains of the just over broke system and achieve financial freedom through passive income. As a 3T Academy Researcher, I look forward to educating and helping Warriors get started in this new and exciting space. Warriors Rise, Lets Go!